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Aspects to consider with entries

By submitting an entry for an event in the annual activities of the NEA, the participant agrees to the Rules and Regulations of the National Eisteddfod Academy pertaining to the annual Eisteddfod as outlined in this Prospectus and accepts the decision of the NEA management about all matters regarding this event as final.


  • The eisteddfod is open to everyone, on the following conditions:
    • There are no limits to the number of entries a participant may partake in.
    • Participants should observe the time allowed per item as outlined in this Prospectus.
    • Participants should adhere to copyright where applicable.
    • The NEA and its host venues are indemnified against any loss, theft or injury sustained during the festivals.
    • Participants agree to adhere to the Rules and Regulations in this section, as well as the specific guidelines provided at the beginning of each section in this Prospectus.



  • Each participant will be adjudicated on his/her performance, and not according to what is assumed that other learners of his/her age can do. The application of this principal is non-negotiable.


The correct amount should accompany all entries. No entries will be processed if the entry fees are outstanding.

  • Entry fees are not refundable.



KINDLY NOTE: It is the participant’s responsibility to use the correct form, to ensure that he is entered for the correct item and that the information submitted on the entry form is correct, including the spelling of names. The category and item number needs to be filled in accurately. Refer to Other Fees and Charges for cost implications of incorrect entries.

Entries may be submitted by using any of the following methods:



An ONLINE platform, launched in 2015, provides for the online submission of entries at a lower entry fee. (Hard copy entries are subject to a higher entry fee).




Please note: Hardcopy / faxed / e-mailed entries are subject to a higher entry fee.
Kindly take note of the difference in entry forms to be used for individual, small groups and large group items.

    • Individual entries: All entries for a particular participant could be provided on the Entry Form for Individual Entries, where possible. (One entry form can be used for up to 12 entries per individual.) Use more forms when necessary.
    • Ensemble and Small Group entries: The Entry Form for Small Groups should be completed for all entries involving 2 – 10 participants. The names and contact details of all the participants in the group should be provided on the form.
    • Medium and Large group entries (11 or more participants): All entries for medium / large groups should be recorded on the Entry Form For Large Groups. Only one entry should be recorded per form. (The names of the members of the group should be forwarded in MsExcel or MsWord format if personalized certificates for each member of the group is required). The exact number of members in the group should be provided on the form.
    • Multiple entries using the same item number (e.g., a teacher entering a whole class for prescribed poetry): When using this form, it is important to provide the date of birth and cell phone number of each participant (if at all possible!).
    • Kindly refer to the guidelines on the completion of the entry form at the beginning of each section.
    • The highest grade of a participant determines the grade for the group.
    • A separate entry form should be completed for each individual participant/small group/large group.
    • All the information as required should be provided (including date of birth and cellphone numbers).

Hard copies of the completed entry forms may be submitted to the NEA before the closing date in any of the following ways:

    • Hand delivered to the NEA office, 1st Floor, 284 Oak Ave, Ferndale, Randburg
    • By fax to (011) 787-3534
    • By e-mail to
    • By normal mail to PO Box 1288, Randburg, 2125



Different dates apply for Online and hardcopy / faxed / emailed entries.

Refer to the Programme of events section for more details.

(Any changes to these dates will be announced on and Facebook.)



  • An earlier date for hard copy entries (paper, fax, e-mail) applies due to the fact that these entries need to be captured and checked BEFORE the school holidays in order to finalize the participation schedules on time.
  • Hard copy entries (on paper, faxed or e-mailed) submitted after the closing date for hard copy entries will be accepted subject to the payment of a Late entry charge. Proof of payment should be submitted with the entry.
  • Refer to the Programme of events section for more details regarding the various closing dates for entries.
  • Changes to the closing date for entries (if any), will be announced on the website.



  • The corporate strategy of the NEA is to set and maintain the highest levels of integrity and credibility in the adjudication of the various events at the annual festival. The NEA annually presents training and moderation sessions for adjudicators in an attempt to establish uniformity in adjudication standards as far as are humanly possible.
  • Management will appoint the most competent adjudicators in all respects. Management will accept their decisions as final.
  • Experience over years has proved that discontent with the outcome of an adjudication session has more to do with an "unfulfilled anticipated outcome", than with the credibility of the adjudication.
  • Experience has also shown that the qualifications and judgment of an adjudicator that awarded mostly diplomas during any session has never been questioned.
  • NO person may approach the adjudicator before / during / after the session to discuss the outcome of the adjudication, particularly in the instance when he/she is unhappy with the outcome. Should this happen, all proceedings will be stopped immediately and this person will be ordered to leave the room and will not be allowed to attend any further performances. Proceedings will continue once order has been restored.
  • However, the NEA considers any feedback on events and adjudication as of critical importance in maintaining the integrity and credibility of the organization. Therefore all complaints should be submitted in writing and should be accompanied by the report form of the adjudicator in question, within 7 days of the event, for Attention: The CEO, National Eisteddfod Academy (Fax: 011-787-3534; e-mail: Kindly note that NO complaint will be dealt with telephonically.



  • A copy of own choice material should be available if requested by the adjudicator.


  • Participants are not allowed to exceed the maximum time limits as allocated per item. Adjudicators have the right to terminate ANY performance that exceeds the maximum limit as it could impact negatively on the flow of the programme and will cause the remainder of the programme to run behind schedule.



  • Foundation phase : Grades R – 3
  • Intermediate phase : Grades 4 – 6
  • Senior phase : Grades 7 – 9
  • FET phase : Grades 10 - 12
  • Primary school level : Any combination of grades on primary school level (Gr. 0 – 7)
  • Secondary school level : Any combination of grades on secondary school level (Gr. 8 – 12)
  • Open section : Out of school (past Gr. 12).



  • No participant may enter and perform the same item in more than one area of the National Eisteddfod in a given year.
  • There is no limit on the number of entries per category.



  • All participants entered under the name of a school should be bona fide learners of that specific institution.
  • Schools should acknowledge studios where applicable and vica versa.
  • When learners from a registered member are entered privately, those entries will be grouped with the other entries received from that registered member.
  • When applicable, studios are kindly requested to provide the name of the relevant school for each participant on their entry forms.
  • Only schools / institutions / studios that have registered with the National Eisteddfod Academy can be acknowledged on certificates.
  • The NEA database provides for acknowledgement of both the school and trainer. The name of the school as well as the studio will be printed on the certificate if this information was provided on the entry form.
  • Participants will be scheduled according to the region as selected by the school.



  • Any special requests regarding the scheduling of events should be submitted with the entries, but NOT LATER than the closing date for entries. IMPORTANT : Any special request should be submitted on the SPECIAL REQUEST FORM.
  • The details of participation will be distributed to the participating bodies at least 2 to 3 weeks prior to the first adjudication session in each region as indicated above, provided that the entries were submitted before the original closing date for entries. Any extension of the closing date might have an impact on this period. Participants should not wait for this information before they start their preparations for their relevant items and should rather prepare in advance in order to be ready to perform on the first day in each region!
  • It is the participant’s responsibility to provide the correct entry number. Failure to do so will result in the processing of incorrect information for which the NEA is not accountable. Once the schedule has been finalized, no changes can be accommodated.



  • Any special requests regarding the scheduling of events should be submitted with the entries, but NOT LATER than the closing date for entries for the particular region. IMPORTANT : ALL special request should be submitted on the SPECIAL REQUEST FORM. The NEA will endeavour to accommodate these circumstances whenever possible, but can give no guarantee in this regard.



  • Live Performances:

Events will be scheduled at available venues according to the REGION and LOCAL AREA, as selected by the institution, studio or individual upon registration. All events that cannot be accommodated at appropriate venues within the selected LOCAL AREA, will be scheduled at appropriate venues within the selected REGION. This could possible the case with events that require specialized venues (e.g. classical music, contemporary music with backing tracks and dance events).

  • DVD Entries:

Recorded entries will be adjudicated at the NEA Office or at a venue where the videos can be viewed as arranged by the NEA office.



The NEA always attempts to accommodate the needs and requests of all participants. Therefore participants have the option to submit special requests pertaining to unavailable dates in the eisteddfod period. In order to provide for unforeseen circumstances, the NEA also allowed for the rescheduling of other problematic events in the past. However, due to the misuse of this facility, the rescheduling of events has become unmanageable. Subsequently, management has decided to abandon the concept of rescheduling all together. This has been replaced by a system of special entries.

Special entries provide for those candidates who have missed their events as originally scheduled. They will be allowed to submit a special entry at the normal entry fee to replace the event that they couldn’t attend. These special entries will be scheduled at a later date towards the end of the eisteddfod on a date and time as determined by the NEA. No special requests regarding the scheduling of these special entries will be allowed.


  • Procedure:
    • Complete a new entry form for the particular event.
    • Attach the original participant slip for the event.
    • Attach proof of payment (normal rate).
    • Fax to 011-787-3534 or e-mail to
    • Please note: entries will only be accepted at this email address.
    • Special Entries submitted to any other address will automatically be deleted.
    • Kindly note that you will not receive notification for rescheduled events well

in advance. Participants need to be prepared to perform on short notice.

No correspondence and requests pertaining the rescheduling of events other than the procedure as outlined above, will be allowed.



  • As every participant deserves the opportunity to be a champion in his own right, kindly take note of the following:
    • All officials & participants should be treated the way you would like to be treated.
    • Venue controllers will allow no changes in the programme.
    • NO participant/parent/trainer/member of the audience may approach the adjudicator before/during/after the session as some members of the audience might relate this to "favouritism" and subsequently accuse the adjudicator of showing favouritism towards certain pupils .
    • NO person may approach the adjudicator before / during / after the session to discuss the outcome of the adjudication, particularly in the instance when he/she is unhappy with the outcome. Should this happen, all proceedings will be stopped immediately and this person will be ordered to leave the room and will not be allowed to attend any further performances. Proceedings will continue once order has been restored.
    • No refreshments or smoking will be allowed in the venue.
    • All cellphones should be switched off in the venue,
    • Entrance fee of R25.00  - R40.00 per person will be charged at the venue. (The higher fee will apply to selected specialized venues for contemporary music and dancing in order to cover the high cost of sound engineers and rental cost of these venues.)
    • Seasonal tickets will be available at R100.00 each.
    •  Admission for participants, pre-schoolers or learners in school uniform is free.



  •  Hardcopy entries can be hand delivered / mailed / couriered to the following address:

By hand:

By registered mail:

Couriered by Postnet:

National Eisteddfod Academy 
Unit 103, First floor
284 Oak Avenue

National Eisteddfod Academy 
PO Box 1288

Postnet Fontainebleau
Shop 16, Village Shopping Centre
Cnr. Rabie and 4th Street,
Fontainebleau, 2032

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