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Please note: If you have registered before, go to LOGIN on the top menu bar. Do not register again!

ONLINE only require a few simple steps!

It is free of charge! Start by clicking on the logo below and follow the instructions:

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Step 1: Select one of the options than apply to you.
Step 2: Select your Province.
Step 3: Select an applicable region (if your province provides any options)
Step 4: Select an applicable LOCAL area within your region (your will be perrforming at a venue in this local area)
Step 5: Complete the online form and provide all the info required (please check spelling!)
Step 6: Complete the human test
Step 7: Click on SAVE ENTRY
Step 8: Your registration detail will be displayed on screen. It comprises of a USER CODE and a PASSWORD.   Print a copy by pressing CTRL-P)
Step 9: Selecting the LOGIN button will take you back to the main menu.


1) Do not register ONLINE if you already did so in the past. E-mail if you lost the detail.

2) Only authorized representatives may register on behalf of a school/studio.

3) ALL Individuals / parents should select the Individual Registration option.

4)  When adding the name of an individual, parent or responsible person, please do it in the format SURNAME, Name.

4) Schools / institutions should provide the complete OFFICIAL name of the school/institution. No "nick names" please!


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